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You can develop new ideas only if you have a clear head. Benefit from the relaxed atmosphere at Iberotel, far away from the hectic of the city jungle.
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Perfect for expanding horizons -
Meetings & Conferences with Iberotel

Whether it is a meeting, conference or seminar - only if you have a clear head will you be able to take in information and develop new ideas, concepts and strategies. The relaxing atmosphere in Iberotel conference hotels, located amidst unique natural scenery, creates the optimum conditions for you to achieve your goals..

Profit with Iberotel from:

  • flexible room concepts for up to 2000 people
  • the latest technology and professional event management
  • personal care and attention by our regional sales managers
  • effective and great value for money 

Iberotel in Germany – excellent for meetings

Iberotel Boltenhagen and Iberotel Fleesensee have been named "Certified Conference Hotels" by the Association of German Travel Management (VDR). To gain this certificate, we fulfilled around 70 requirements pertaining to the furnishing, comfort and service. This now also officially confirms the suitability of the hotels in the MICE area and is a valuable orientation tool for event organisation when selecting a conference hotel.

As if they were made for it...

These Iberotel conference hotels with their flexible room capacities are extremely well suited for your next meeting or conference:


Iberotel Boltenhagen/Baltic Sea

Furthermore, Iberotel also offers a professional setting for your meetings and conferences in Egypt and the United Arab Emirates.

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