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Iberotel quality, distinguished by the TUI Holly

Quality is the result of adhering to the highest standards in your own work. It isn't always easy, but anything else would be inconceivable for us. We are surpassing even ourselves – so that you get even more than you expect from us.

Whether in service, hospitality, in the kitchen, housekeeping or administration, our dedicated employees regularly take part in internal and external training programmes. This underlines the contribution they are able to make to the high level of Iberotel quality and to your best holiday.    

And we have gained recognition for such dedication. Numerous awards, both from our customers as well as experts, regularly confirm the outstanding quality and performance of Iberotel.

One example is the largest customer survey in the German tourism industry – the TUI Holly. Ever year half a million TUI guests decide  what hotels in the international holiday hotel business provide the highest standards and best quality – and Iberotel has regularly been able to be among the happy winners. Our following hotels were the enthusiastic winners of TUI Hollys in 2016: 

  • Iberotel Palm Garden/Türkische Riviera (new: TUI BLUE)
  • Iberotel Sarigerme Park/Türkische Ägäis (new: TUI BLUE)
  • Iberotel Coraya Resort/Marsa Alam, Ägypten
  • Iberotel Makadi Beach/Hurghada, Ägypten


We fulfil the promise of quality:

Read about the awards of the individual hotels here.

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