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Sunken wrecks, mystical caves, natural reefs. With Iberotel, you can dive deep into the fascinating underwater world of Egypt, Germany, Turkey and the U.A.E.
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Diving holiday in Egypt, the U.A.E., Turkey and Germany


Sharm El Sheikh

The diving areas of the Sharm El Sheikh region extend from Ras Mohammed on the tip of the Sinai Peninsula to the reefs of the Straits of Tiran in the Gulf of Aqaba. Thanks to the protective land mass, the diving conditions are usually calm and moderate. The entire region is under the protection of the Ras Mohammed national park in which it is forbidden to touch the coral or feed the fish. There are several dozen diving spots with fantastic reef walls wall that drops to a depth of 800 metres, exciting currents and beautiful coral gardens.

Sharm El Sheikh has a large choice for novices as well as advanced divers. And just as you would expect at a first-class diving destination, there are numerous organisations that offer diving courses for people of all levels. Here, during your diving holiday, you have the oppertunity of completing the PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) course cheaper than almost anywhere else in the world.

These Iberotel diving hotels are located close to the local diving bases:

Iberotel Palace

Hurghada/Makadi Bay

It  is well known that the Red Sea provides many thrilling diving spots in this region. Due to the ideal location of Makadi Bay between Hurghada and Safaga, the most beautiful reefs of both diving areas can be reached, and they still offer a large choice of intact and beautiful sites. Dedicated diving teams show guests the beauties of the Red Sea in full-day and half-day trips. On a weekly basis, there are trips to the famous 110 metre long wreck of the Salem Express and the Panorama Reef. The beautiful local reef with small wrecks is very inviting for early morning and night-time dives. In addition, sunset dives are offered in the summer months. Even non-divers and snorkellers are welcome to come abroad the diving boat at any time.

These Iberotel diving hotels in Makadi Bay are located close to the local surfing station:

Iberotel Makadi Beach


United Arab Emirates


Fujairah provides ideal conditions for a diving holiday in the U.A.E. The diving possibilities here are considered to be the best in the entire U.A.E.  The spots for diving are at least as breathtaking and captivating as those in the Red Sea, but there are far fewer visitors. Fujairah is the only Emirate in the Indian Ocean where the water is almost at the temperature of bath water.  As an almost 90 kilometre long reef runs along the coast, most diving areas are very close to the land. When diving, discover the diverse, fascinating underwater world and observe colourful clownfish, blowfish, and batfish.There are also special dives on offer to a mysterious wreck.

One of the local diving bases is located in this Iberotel diving hotel:

Iberotel Miramar Al Aquah Beach Resort

You can obtain information on what the diving station offers here!



Sarigerme Park/Turkish Aegean

Over the past few years the Turkish Aegean has developed more and more into a highly attractive area for diving holidays. Although the array of fish and plants cannot compare to that of the Red Sea, there are interesting diving spots with caves, small reefs, and steep walls that promise an interesting variety of adventures for novices and the experienced. When diving, there is a great deal to marvel at from amphorae and rays to groupers. Underwater visibility is up to an above-average 40 metres!  

This Iberotel diving hotel is located close to the local diving basis Mare Nostro:

Iberotel Sarigerme Park (new: TUI BLUE Sarigerme Park)



Baltic Sea Resort Boltenhagen

Diving in the underwater world in Germany is more exciting than many would believe. The professional Tauch-Schule Nord is located (from Easter to October) on the beach neighbouring beach of our 4* Iberotel Boltenhagen. Small reefs, sea grass and no end of small creatures such as starfish, crabs and prawns, abound. Experienced divers can go an excursion to a German 2-man submarine left over from the Second World War.

Regardless of whether you want to rent equipment, introductory courses, special courses (night/wreck diving, etc.), children's courses or even undergo training to become a diving instructor (assistant), the Tauch-Schule Nord is your on-site and competent contact for your diving holiday at the Baltic Sea in the Iberotel Boltenhagen.

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