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You can develop new ideas only if you have a clear head. Benefit from the relaxed atmosphere at Iberotel, far away from the hectic of the city jungle.
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Sometimes we send you somewhere quite different -Events & Incentives with Iberotel

Backpacker on a desert dune Iberotel

A successful event involves more than just a seminar room and a nice buffet. But, how can an event or incentive be turned into an unforgettable experience? The answer is with Iberotel. To help you achieve your goals, we are always breaking new ground for your events.

Why not, experience the following with Iberotel

  • an adventure tour with unusual perspectives in the underwater world of the Baltic Sea
  • a Trabbi ( a cute and no longer in production East German car) rallye around the Mecklenburg Lake District
  • a fishing adventure on the high seas
  • a golf tournament to produce the right drive

It's all about the setting 

We are your key to the best locations, and know the beauty spots and hidden places in the surroundings of your event. Everything from amphitheatres to a stage on the lake - our event managers on-site will help you to find the perfect setting for your event.

As if they were made for it

The location and varied surroundings of these Iberotels are particularly well suited for your next event or incentive:


Iberotel Boltenhagen/Baltic Sea
Iberotel Fleesensee/Mecklenburg Lake District


Iberotel Palm Garden/Turkish Riviera (new: TUI BLUE Palm Garden)
Iberotel Sarigerme Park/Turkish Aegean (new: TUI BLUE Sarigerme Park) 

United Arab Emirates:

Iberotel Miramar Al Aqah Resort/Fujairah

Iberotel offers you a professional setting for events and incentives in Egypt as well!

Yoga at Iberotel Fleesensee
Golf trail course
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