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Discover ancient Egypt with its myths and legends, or revel in Egypt's fantastic flair with a Nile cruise. Iberotel makes it possible!
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Experience and feel history - Welcome to the Luxor/Nile region!

Walk in the footsteps of the pharaohs and discover the Nile Valley. In the Luxor / Nile region, your will find the Valley of the Kings, the iconic pyramids, the majestic sphinx and the breathtaking temples of Luxor and Karnak. Explore the cradle of civilisation and take a relaxed tour through the amazing Nile Valley, past golden sand dunes and monuments of ancient Egypt. You cannot but help marvel at its treasures. Indeed, nothing in the world compares with it.

The climate of the Luxor region is sunny and warm all year round. The average temperature in the winter is 26°C and in summer it reaches 39°C.


Luxor, which was the capital city of Egypt in antiquity, is now known as the "biggest open air museum in the world" and is rich in historical relics of a bygone advanced civilisation. The tomb of Tutanchamun in the Valley of the Kings and the beautiful murals in the various pharaoh tombs will excite you just as much as the magnificent and majestic temples of Karnak and Luxor. The sight of them is particularly overwhelming at sundown with their mighty tower gates, columned halls and sphinx-lined avenues.

Luxor’s appeal stems from the incomparable contrast between antiquity and modern times. Whereas the west bank is dominated by antiquity, numerous luxurious hotels present a modern flair on the east bank. This blatant coexistence of two contrasting worlds is Luxor’s charm. Go on a tour of discovery and visit the various bazaars and markets and try haggling for your souvenirs. Go with the flow of the hustle and bustle and enjoy the typical oriental flair abounding in spices, crafts and delicacies.

Luxor is the prime destination for all culture fans and also the perfect starting point for a thrilling Nile cruise. Wake up to the gentle light of the morning sun, allow the warm air to envelope you, then cool down at the pool on the deck of our cruise ship. Watch the fishermen casting their nets, farmers working their fields, see the nearby flocks of birds and the water buffalo. During a cruise on the Nile, you will have the opportunity to delve a little deeper into the mystique of ancient Egypt.

Have we aroused the Robinson Crusoe in you? Why not get to know the country when visiting our hotels in Luxor and the Nile region:

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