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At last some time to yourself – to be active, to relax. And it’s great when everything else is taken care of.
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Our wellness treatment and course programme

We would like to tell you more about our Iberotel Spa philosophy of Beautiful - Relaxed - Active, and present our varied programme of massages, cosmetics and courses to you for your wellness holiday.


So that your radiance can best unfold, the Iberotel Spa offers you an extraordinary and complete system of face and body treatments. You can be sure that our tested and thorough treatments and the use of the highest quality products will, simply be the best to stimulate your skin. We use, among others, the certified bio line "Sacred Nature" from [comfort zone], which is known for respectful use of vital resources. It is a highly effective series of holistic products that equates with naturalness and purity.


[comfort zone] has created a relaxation menu specifically for Iberotel Spa, one which fulfils  discerning wishes. Far East wisdom is combined here in the Iberotel Spa with highly developed active agent complexes, and exclusive massage techniques guarantee pure wellness. Thanks to the music and special fragrances that accompany the treatments, you will enjoy an unforgettable spa experience. Starting with the exclusive welcome ritual [tranquillity welcome], you knowl you have arrived in the wellbeing world of the Iberotel Spa even before the actual treatment has started.


Fitness is the medicine of the 21st century. In times of widespread illnessess such as back pain, circulatory system disorders and diabetes, exercise and physical activity are indispensable for one's own wellbeing. Improve your mobility with the right training. The Iberotel Spa makes it possible to arrange a fitness programme that fits in optimally with your wellness holiday. Choose your favourite courses- gentle or powerful, relaxing or energy charged, classic or modern. Our trainers have first class training and will always give you professional support.

You will find additional information in our spa brochure on the right.

Enjoy and experience the Iberotel Spa programme - Beautiful - Relaxed - Active - in the following Iberotels:

Iberotel Boltenhagen/Baltic Sea, Germany

Please note that the programme may vary from hotel to hotel. If you have any questions, please contact the respective Iberotel Wellness Hotel. 

For further information about the spa programme of the former Iberotels TUI BLUE Sarigerme Park, Palm Garden and Fleesensee please click 

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